Table of contents

  • Brand Names
  • Chemistry
  • Pharmacologic Category
  • Mechanism of Action
  • Therapeutic Use
  • Pregnancy and Lactation Implications
  • Contraindications
  • Warnings and Precautions
  • Adverse Reactions
  • Caution and personalized dose adjustment in patients with the following genotypes
  • Other genes that may be involved
  • Substrate of
  • Induces
  • Drug Interactions
  • Nutrition/Nutraceutical Interactions
  • Dosage
  • Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
  • Special Considerations

Brand Names


Austria: Gerolamic, Lamictal, Lamotribene, Lamotrigin; Belgium: Lambipol, Lamictal, Lamotrigine; Bulgaria: Epimil, Epiral, Epitrigine, Gerolamic, Lamal, Lamictal, Lamolep, Lamotren, Lamotrix, Latrigil; Cyprus: Lamictal; Czech Republic: Epimil, Epiral, Lamictal, Lamiger, Lamolep, Lamotax, Lamotrigin, Lamotrix, Latrigil, Plexxo, Rubimar; Denmark: Lamictal, Lamotrigin; Estonia: Gerolamic, Lamictal; Finland: Lamictal, Lamotrigin; France: Lamicstart, Lamictal, Lamotrigine; Germany: Elmendos, Espa-Trigin, Lambipol, Lamictal, Lamitor, Lamo, Lamotriax, Lamotrigin, Plexxo; Greece: Lamictal; Hungary: Lamictal; Ireland: Bymot, Lameutral, Lamictal, Lamoro, Lamot, Lamotrigine, Larig; Italy: Lamictal, Lamotrigina; Latvia: Lamictal, Lamotrigine, Lamotrix; Lithuania: Gerolamic, Lamictal, Lamotrigine; Luxembourg: Lamictal; Malta: Lamictal, Lamotrigine; Netherlands: Lamictal, Lamopan, Lamotrigal, Lamotrigine; Poland: Danoptin, Epilactal, Epiral, Epistabil, Epitrigine, Lameptil, Lamexin, Lamia, Lamilept, Lamistad, Lamitrin, Lamogen, LamoMerck, Lamostab, Lamoten, Lamotrigine, Lamotrihexal, Lamotrix, Lamox, Lamozor, Lamzor, Mepilan, Plexxo, Symla, Triginet, Trogine; Portugal: Lamictal, Lamotrigina; Romania: Epimil, Epiral, Epizol, Lameptil, Lamictal, Lamolep, Lamotiran, Lamotrigin, Lamotrigine, Lamotrin, Lamotrix, Plexxo, Xebarin; Slovakia: Gerolamic, Lamictal, Lamotax, Lamotrigin, Medotrigin, Plexxo; Slovenia: Lamal, Lameptil, Lamictal, Lamotrigin; Spain: Crisomet, Labileno, Lamictal, Lamotrigina, Lavinol, Silam; Sweden: Crisomet, Labileno, Lamictal, Lamotrigin; UK: Lamictal, Lamotrigine.

North America

Canada: Lamictal, Lamotrigine; USA: Lamictal, Lamotrigine.

Latin America

Argentina: Dafex, Epilepax, Lagotran, Lamictal, Lamirax, Lamocas, Latrigin; Brazil: Lamictal, Lamitor, Lamotrigina, Neural, Neurium; Mexico: Lamdra SBK, Lamictal, Latrigin, Limatic, Prilkenzide, Protalgine.

Drug combinations


Lamotrigine: C~9~H~7~Cl~2~N~5~. Mw: 256.09. (1) 1,2,4-Triazine-3,5-diamine, 6-(2,3-dichlorophenyl)-; (2) 3,5-Diamino-6-(2,3-dichlorophenyl)-as-triazine. CAS-84057-84-1 (1985).

Pharmacologic Category

Anticonvulsants, Miscellaneous. (ATC-Code: N03AX09).

Mechanism of action

Possibly involves inhibition of voltage-sensitive sodium channels, which stabilizes neuronal membranes and consequently modulates release of excitatory amino acid neurotransmitters (e.g. glutamate, aspartate) which play a role in generation and spread of epileptic seizures.

Therapeutic use

Adjunctive therapy in treatment of generalized seizures of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, primary generalized tonic-clonic seizures, and partial seizures in adults and children ≥2 years of age. Conversion to monotherapy in partial seizures with valproic acid or single enzyme-inducing antiepileptic drug (carbamazepine, phenytoin, phenobarbital or primidone). Maintenance treatment of bipolar I disorder.

Pregnancy and lactiation implications

Lamotrigine found to decrease folate concentrations in animal studies. Teratogenic effects in animals not observed. Lamotrigine crosses human placenta. Increased incidence of cleft lip and/or cleft palate following 1^st^ trimester exposure suggested. Lamotrigine found in breast milk.

Unlabeled use


Hypersensitivity to lamotrigine or any component of the formulation.

Warnings and precautions

Blood dyscrasias (e.g. neutropenia, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, pancytopenia, and anemias) reported. May be associated with hypersensitivity syndrome. May cause CNS depression. Multiorgan hypersensitivity reactions reported with some antiepileptic drugs. Skin rashes reported. Use with caution in impaired cardiac function, in hepatic or renal impairment. Hormonal contraceptives might cause decrease in lamotrigine levels. Effects with other sedative drugs or ethanol may be potentiated. Use with caution in bipolar disorder. Binds to melanin and may accumulate in eye and other melanin-rich tissues. Anticonvulsants should not be discontinued abruptly.



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