Table of contents

  • Brand Names
  • Drug Combinations
  • Chemistry
  • Pharmacologic Category
  • Mechanism of Action
  • Therapeutic Use
  • Contraindications
  • Warnings and Precautions
  • Adverse Reactions
  • Genes that may be involved
  • Dosage
  • Special Considerations

Brand Names


Austria: Mydriaticum; Belgium: Mydriacyl, Tropicamide, Tropicol; Bulgaria: Mydrum; Czech Republic: Mydrum, Unitropic; Denmark: Mydriacyl; Estonia: Mydriacyl; Finland: Oftan Tropicamid; France: Mydriaticum; Germany: Mydriaticum, Mydrum, Tropa; Greece: Tropixal; Hungary: Mydrum; Ireland: Mydriacyl, Tropicamide; Italy: Tropimil, Visumidriatic; Latvia: Mydriacyl; Lithuania: Tropicamidum; Luxembourg: Mydriaticum, Tropicol; Malta: Tropicamide; Netherlands: Tropicamide; Poland: Mydriacyl, Tropicabion, Tropicamidum; Portugal: Tropicil Top; Romania: Mydriacyl, Mydrum, Tropicamida, Tropixal; Slovakia: Mydrum, Unitropic; Slovenia: Mydriacyl; Spain: Tropicamida; Sweden: Mydriacyl, Tropikamid; UK: Mydriacyl, Tropicamide.

North America

Canada: Diotrope, Mydriacyl; USA: Mydriacyl, Tropicacyl, Tropicamide.

Latin America

Argentina: Mydril; Brazil: Ciclomidrin, Mydriacyl, Tropinom; Mexico: Myriacil.


Japan: Mydrin, Sandol.

Drug combinations

Tropicamide and Hydroxyamphetamine

Tropicamide and Phenylephrine


Tropicamide: C~17~H~20~N~2~O~2~. Mw: 284.35. (1) Benzeneacetamide, N-ethyl-α-(hydroxymethyl)-N-(4-pyridinylmethyl)-, (±)-; (2)(±)-N-Ethyl-2-phenyl-N-(4-pyridylmethyl)hydracrylamide. CAS-1508-75-4 (1962).

Pharmacologic Category

EENT Preparation; Mydriatics. (ATC-Code: S01FA06).

Mechanism of action

Prevents sphincter muscle of iris and muscle of ciliary body from responding to cholinergic stimulation.

Therapeutic use

Short-acting mydriatic used in diagnostic procedures, as well as preoperatively and postoperatively. Treatment of some cases of acute iritis, iridocyclitis, and keratitis.

Pregnancy and lactiation implications

Unlabeled use


Hypersensitivity to tropicamide or any component of the formulation. Glaucoma.

Warnings and precautions

May cause increase in intraocular pressure. Contact lenses should be removed before using. Use with caution in infants and children (may cause potentially dangerous CNS disturbances).



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